James Doll has been President and Co-Owner of the Corinthian Contractors since 1999.  He specializes in all phases of multi-family high-rise building construction.  With 25 years of experience in the construction industry in the greater Washington Metropolitan Area, he has developed a widespread knowledge of and expertise in all areas of high-rise building construction.  Under Mr. Doll’s direction, the company has grown from a small $5 million per year contractor in 1999 to one of the largest General Contractors at the Washington Metropolitan Airport (Washington Dulles International Airport).
Mr. Doll’s responsibilities include oversight of job costing, estimating, personnel management, subcontract awards and coordination and project close-out.  His widespread knowledge of job costing and estimating comes with a complete understanding of scheduling, change orders, and project documentation.
He believes in an open-line of communication among all company personnel as well as the Owner’s representatives.  He thus encourages weekly progress meetings on all projects.

William Teague joined the Corinthian team, as a partner, soon after its founding, providing 35 years of Heavy Highway, Utility Infrastructures, and Site Excavation work experience. His specific knowledge base includes heavy underground utility installation, excavation, shoring, foundations, storm drainage, and complete division two knowledge.

Bill Teague has 35 years of experience in the Construction Industry in the Greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area.  He specializes in Site, Utility and Heavy Highway Projects.   He has managed the performance of large scale jobs with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Virginia Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Transportation, Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority, and Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority, General Service Administration, Corp of Engineers District of Washington & Baltimore and its surrounding counties within the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.

Corinthian’s full-time staff includes career professionals in general construction and construction management.  We maintain project managers, supervisors, and technicians trained and experienced to meet client requirements.  We also work closely with a full range of construction professionals, such as construction managers, engineers, site technicians, project managers, architects (AIA), and technical/construction support technicians.  Personnel experience and expertise enable Corinthian to provide clients and consultants with cost-effective execution and quality completion of multifunctional and multi- task projects.

Project objectives, government requirements, and client needs are met through a strong emphasis on communication and teamwork.  Corinthian’s management philosophy focuses on the client’s needs and expectation through utilization of total quality management techniques (TQM), which empowers employees to be creative in developing better ways of serving clients and eliminating errors.  Value engineering is a foundation of Corinthian’s design and contracting service approach.  Corinthian’s senior staff provides a thorough review of each project for the purpose of modifying the design or construction management process to reduce costs, while enhancing the overall quality of the project task.
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