James E. Doll: President

James E. Doll is the President and Founder of Corinthian Contractors. His direction and vision have resulted in the evolution of Corinthian Contractors from a small company completing work in a range of fields such as residential home construction, office construction, and light civil contracting, to a mature business that has specialized in all aspects of heavy governmental, municipal, and private utilities construction.

With a career in the industry that started some fifteen years before the inception of Corinthian Contractors, Mr. Doll has become a fixture in the construction community belonging to the greater Washington Metropolitan Area; he was elected Vice President of the National Utility Contractors Association of Washington D.C. in 2018.

Mr. Doll’s responsibilities lie both within and without of the company he leads. With a deft hand he oversees the day to day operations of estimating, accounting, and project management, while at the same time acting as a liaison and chief advocate on behalf of the company to the outside world, including government at all levels.

James Doll takes a great deal of pride in his work and expects no less from those in the Company’s employ. He and the executive team strive to create an accountable and safe workplace at all levels, from the field to the office and everywhere in between.


Corinthian Contractors retains a staff that includes career professionals passionate about civil construction and general contracting. They constitute a body of project managers, superintendents, technicians, and tradesmen that seek to use their experience to meet and hopefully exceed client requirements and expectations. The managerial team works in conjunction with a broad range of operational personnel such as engineers, architects, site managers, and technicians. Both teams have the stated mission to provide clients with quality work and execute their duties in an honest manner, with a commitment to being “purpose driven people.”