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Past Projects
Williamsburg Blvd Culvert Replacement and
Upstream Channel Improvements

Firms Corinthian Contractors, Inc. (Prime)
Project Name Williamsburg Blvd Culvert Replacement and Upstream Channel Improvements
Contract No 174-09
Location Arlington, Virginia
Owner/Client Arlington County Department of Environmental Services
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
POC Gerald Roberson, Project Manager (703) 228-3520
Leopoldo Dizon, Senior Engineer (703) 228-0585
Status of Project Completion 100%
Original Contract Cost $1,470,957.00
Projected Completion Date June 24th, 2010
Construction Type Precast Culvert Replacement and Cast-in-Place Concrete Stream Channel Improvements
Contract Type Unit Price
Size of Site One, 4 lane intersection and 800’ of stream channel

Scope of Project:

The project consisted of two separate operations on a single site; one operation consisted of the demolition and replacement of a 16’ x 8’ precast culvert arch and the other operation consisted of the demolition and construction of 800’ of a concrete channel in a stream and walls with brick form liner and colored concrete. Both operations ran concurrently to meet schedule requirements.

The culvert work included the demolition of an existing steel pipe culvert under Williamsburg Boulevard in two phases while maintaining two way traffic at all times. Using a Professional Sheeting Design, the roadway to remain open, utilities, and the excavation was protected by sheet piles and shore and lagging. At a depth of 20’, the culvert footing subgrade was deemed to be unsuitable by a third party inspector and required an additional 2’ undercut to support the proposed culvert arch. Upon installation of the first 44 LF of 16’ span x 8’ high precast arch and wingwalls, the critical zone area was backfilled and restored. The work area was paved and reopened to traffic while the operation moved the other side of the culvert. The same steps were repeated to complete this process. A large challenge of this portion of the project was dewatering the deep excavation for reinforce and pour the footings, and maintenance of traffic. To overcome these issues, Corinthian utilized VDOT certified flaggers, checked erosion and sediment controls daily, and installed multiple sump pumps upstream and downstream from the work area.

The existing concrete and rubble stream of Little Pimmit Run creek had been eroded and destroyed over time; thus requiring reconstruction by Arlington County. The approximate size of the channel is 800’ long x 25’ wide x 6’ high walls. The main challenge of this portion of the work was diversion of the stream flow. Corinthian installed a dam beginning at the start of the channel and used a 4” hydraulic pump and PVC piping to flume the main flow around the work area. During heavy flow periods, the stream would require additional pumps, and at some points require crews to vacate the work area under the Emergency Action Plan. Another challenge of this project was limited access; the site only allowed for one access for each 400’ of channel work. To maximize efficiency, Corinthian properly scheduled deliveries and hauling periods for demolition and construction.

The channel was constructed with construction joints every 25’ and expansion joints every 100’. The 1’ wide walls were constructed using a rustic brick form liner, red concrete color, weep holes every 15’, and a sloped haunch at the channel slab connection.


Corinthian has a full-time, dedicated, onsite Safety Officer and Quality Control Officer assigned to this project. All employees and subcontractors are trained and required to follow all regulations in the Owner’s, as well as Corinthian’s Safety Programs. There were no recordable injuries or lost time accidents on the Williamsburg Boulevard Culvert Replacement and Channel Improvements.

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