About Corinthian Contractors


Corinthian’s goal is to integrate the skills and challenges of General Construction, civil construction, and management to assure that the objectives of the project’s owner and prime contractor are understood, followed and adhered to.

Corinthian distinguishes itself from other companies by better understanding the needs of our customers. While many of our competitors market their services with price competition as their only selling point, Corinthian recognizes that the customer’s ultimate concern is a completed project that reflects true value for the money spent; this would be a combination of superior quality, completed on a timely basis, and for a reasonable cost.


  • Company Management and Supervisors have over 150 years of combined experience in the Construction Industry.
  • Experience in Structural Concrete
  • Experience in Base Building Construction
  • Experience in stream channel diversion, reconstruction and maintenance of stream flow
  • Experience in channel and river front structural improvements and stabilization
  • Experience in park land development and amenities
  • Experience in heavy excavation, sheeting, shoring dewatering and ground stabilization
  • Experience in construction of Roadway; Bridges, culverts retaining walls and airport runways